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Humidifier/Aroma Diffuser FEA-F104 02
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aroma lamp diffuser

Humidifier/Aroma Diffuser FEA-F104

Transparent aroma lamp diffuser LED lights changing humidifier automatic.

Product Specification:

Item: Humidifier/Aroma Diffuser
Item No.: FEA-F104
Voltage: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
Water Capacity: 380ml
CTN: 12PCS/box
Carton Box: 54.7*37*57.8cm
Total G.W: 9kg
Package: 17.7*17.7*27.8cm
Material: ABS+PP
EXW Price: USD14.20/PC

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transparent aroma lamp diffuser humidifier

Product Description:

Home essential oil humidifier, aromatherapy diffuser, about 8 hours misting.


aroma diffuser manufacturer


Aroma diffusers are also known in the industry as aromatherapy machines, fragrance machines, fragrance meters, fragrance systems, perfumers, diffusers, essential oil diffusers, etc. Its place of use is mainly hotels, office buildings, sales centers, KTVs, bars, cinemas and other high-end clubs. The aroma essential oil is atomized into ultra-fine smoke-like scent particles and diffused through the aroma diffuser manufacturer, which makes the entire space radiate. Comfortable fragrance. According to research, fragrance, as well as memory and emotion, are derived from the same part of the brain to process feelings, so the aroma can directly affect people's emotions, and the comfortable aroma can make people feel relaxed and pleasant, and the strong pungent aroma it makes people feel uncomfortable. According to this theory, hotels usually find perfumers to develop the most suitable taste according to the characteristics of their own hotel. Through this unique taste, the style and spirit to be conveyed by the hotel are conveyed. For example, some hotels follow the oriental style from the brand features and design styles, then the fragrances deployed by the hotels are based on oriental woody and floral notes. Mainly, people can feel an oriental atmosphere through the sense of smell.


In France, Germany, and the United States, perfume has become a habit. You cannot eat for a day, but you ca n’t use perfume for a day. This is a cultural history used for life, etiquette, and smell in foreign countries. Years of cultural history, more than a hundred years ago, China's earliest fragrance was toilet water, which has now become the world's largest perfume manufacturing country. There are many types of traditional aroma diffuser manufacturer, each with some disadvantages. For example, there are liquid or solid aroma sources that naturally volatilize in the air to emit aromas. Such aroma diffusers have a slow diffusion rate and a small coverage area. Another example is the use of heating methods to help liquid or solid aroma sources accelerate volatilization to emit fragrance. Such an aroma diffuser cannot control the diffusion speed, and it is easy to change the original fragrance type. Toxic substances may even appear after heating. Another example is the use of a fan to help the liquid or solid aroma source accelerate volatilization to emit aroma. Such an aroma diffuser cannot accurately control the intensity, concentration and time of aroma emission. In addition, the existing aroma diffuser manufacturer cannot automatically sense the environmental change and control the machine to start and stop. The fragrance system uses the machine to let the essential oil emit atomized molecules under the condition of electricity. With the advancement of technology, the diffusion method of the fragrance diffuser has been improved. The new fragrance transmission system method is composed of time controller and concentration controller. , Perfume installation area, perfume atomizing core and atomizing nozzle. The time controller of the fragrance propagation system is mainly used to control the system on and off and the working time period. The concentration controller is a guarantee that the fragrance is suitable for the pleasant. The core of the atomization treatment is the key component that changes the liquid essential oil into an atomized state. The spray nozzle is mainly responsible for exporting the atomized essential oil and the returned liquid essential oil. The distinctive scent has become a new logo for hotels, guesthouses, companies, homes, KTVs, etc. The fragrance of air conditioners has become a trend of the new era, and then a habit , And finally become a cultural etiquette, evoking the potential consumption desire with tempting taste! A study found that "when two departments of a store are sprayed with fresheners, consumers will stay in these two departments for longer periods than in places where no fresheners are sprayed." After recognizing this, many Increasing demand from fragrance manufacturers for fragrance diffusers.


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