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Water-based air revitalizers are a cost-efficient solution to the same problems that air purifiers aim to address. They help reduce the amount of household air pollutants such as mold, pollen, dust mites, and even cooking odors. 

water based air purifier

In recent years, the smog weather in most cities in China has become aggravated. Air pollution is very harmful to the body. Consumers ’awareness of air purifiers and consumption habits are not very mature. Now is the critical period for the transformation and upgrading of China's home appliance manufacturing industry. In the long run, as consumers' awareness of air pollution and health improves, China's air purifier market has huge demand. First, the rapid development of the economy produces external effects of environmental pollution and lays an opportunity for the air and net market. Second, the continuous improvement of purchasing power and the demand for quality and healthy consumption, and the formation of air health management awareness are the core of the long-term development of the air and net market. The driving force, coupled with the current low utilization rate of air purifiers, will have huge potential and space in the future. The mainstream air purification technologies on the market now include the following.
"HEPA high-efficiency filtration technology" with very good filtration efficiency, and "active carbon adsorption technology" with strong adsorption capacity, claiming that there is no consumables, only "electrostatic dust collection technology" with water washing, and "photo catalytic decomposition technology with UV light" ",
But the purifiers mentioned above have a lot in common: 1. Single function. Purification technology for solid particulate matter may not be effective for gaseous pollutants. On the other hand, it is not necessarily effective for solid particulate matter for gaseous pollutants, and it is difficult to balance the two; 2. It is expensive. Whether it is activated carbon, photo catalyst, HEPA or electrostatic dust collection, its price must be expensive if it wants to achieve a good effect, and some other consumables that need to be replaced greatly increase the later use cost; 3. Secondary pollution if the consumables are not replaced regularly, secondary pollution is more likely to occur, and static dust collection also generates ozone, and ozone exceeding a certain concentration is harmful to the human body. As for the photo catalyst technology, it is inseparable from the ultraviolet lamp, and the ultraviolet lamp is extremely harmful to human skin. These technologies, on the other hand, have more or less hidden health hazards.
So where will the future water based air purifier go? Water filtration water based air purifier with multifunctionality, safety, low use cost and consistent purification efficiency will inevitably become the future development trend.
I. Versatility
1. Multifunctional multi-pollutant collaborative purification technology. There are many types of pollutants in indoor air, including gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene series, VOCs, microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, molds, and particulate and radioactive pollution. Multifunctionality is a lot of most products in the future. Due to the limited indoor space, air purifiers are required to be able to simultaneously purify various air pollutants. The combination of water filtration and negative ion technology can perfectly purify complex types of indoor pollutants.
2. Humidification effect. Creating a healthy and comfortable indoor environment cannot be achieved by a single purification. Proper humidity can make people feel more comfortable. For example, activated carbon will also adsorb water molecules while adsorbing pollutants. Long-term use will dry the environment and make the human body feel uncomfortable. The water filtration air purifier has a humidification function while purifying, and can maintain a certain humidity in the room. In addition, compared with the ultrasonic humidifier, there is no white mist during humidification, and the humidification effect is natural and moderate.
3. Additional functions. In addition to purifying the air, if the water filter air purifier adds aromatherapy to its water tank, it can become an aromatherapy machine, and it can also add pharmaceuticals to the water tank. It can be sterilized and disinfected in places with severe pollution, which can be personalized according to user needs use.
Second, safety-no secondary pollution Safety does not refer to electrical safety, but health. In fact, the use of air purifiers has a lot to do with the filter material. It takes a long time. As the adsorbed particulate matter and fibers increase, the filter material will become dirty and needs to be replaced regularly. If it is not replaced, the particulate matter on the filter material will be blown into the air again, causing secondary pollution. At that time, an air purifier full of pollutants will no longer be a messenger to protect health, but a source of continuous emission of pollutants. Water filtration does not need to worry about secondary pollution. It has no consumables. Regular water changes and cleaning can completely eliminate the residue of pollutants.
Third, low use costs-no consumables. Currently, consumers who buy air purifiers are mainly middle- and high-income people, and the products on the market have a generally high price. Many products on the market are priced at 3,000 or 4,000 Yuan. Less than a thousand dollars. The price of water filter air purifier is only over 1,000 Yuan, and the use cost can be said to be zero. According to the current filter material price on the market, if the filter material for a domestic air purifier is replaced every three months, the replacement cost generally needs a few hundred, even thousands, and it is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Consumable-free is not a patent for electrostatic air purifiers. Water filter air purifiers also do not require any consumables. On the one hand, the cost of replacing consumables is greatly reduced. On the other hand, the absence of consumables is also a kind of environmental protection. Even the filtered water can be used to water flowers.
4. Consistent purification efficiency with the introduction of the new national standard, consumers are paying more attention to the cumulative purification capacity (CCM) of air purifiers rather than a single purification efficiency. It is easy to understand that the purification efficiency of the filter-type air purifier decreases with the increase of the use time, so even if the purification efficiency of the new filter is very high, it does not mean that the purification performance of the air purifier is good. Water filter air purifiers are different. Each water change is equivalent to one cleaning of the machine and one replacement of the internal water film, so the purification efficiency will be consistent. The machine has been used for one month and three years. The purification rate is the same.


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