Introduction of Different Kinds of Aroma Product and Usage.

Many people ask me that "What kind of aroma product should I choose?"
Since the aroma products is more and more popular on the market, some people don't know about the types of aroma product. Let's learn some tips of different aroma product together.


Reed diffuser/ plaster aroma diffuser:

It is volatilized the fragrance by reed, plaster or other absorbent material.
Usage: Insert the reed of plaster into the bottle, the refill of reed diffuser can be added on the bottle when the liquid is run out of.


Car Aromatherapy/car perfume:

Car perfume is an aromatherapy product specially designed for the car.  It can be hung in the ventilation of car. The aromatherapy that adsorbed on gypsum, aromatherapy wood and silica gel can be diffused into car.
Usage: Car perfume can be hung at the exit of air-conditioning in the car, or make them made to ornaments and hangings in the car.



Room spray perfume:

It can fresh you room/house in one second,that is an easy and fast way to make your in a good mood.
Usage: The same way as spray perfume,can be used wherever you need.


Essential oil/Fragrance oil
Usage (with the aromatherapy machine): After adding some water to the humidifier or aroma diffuser, then drop a few drops of essential oil/fragrance oil , then turn on.


Perfume Sachet
Summary: Perfume sachets are usually made by putting dried flowers and hay soaked in aromatherapy liquid into designed packages.
Usage: It can be directly suspended or placed where necessary.
Scented candles:

Generally speaking, aromatherapy candles are based on the original candles, using more high-quality waxes, such as soybean wax, beeswax and so on, and then add the fragrance. After burning, they can release the fragrance through the melted wax surface. Good aromatherapy candles have the characteristics that no stick on the cup, no hollow out and almost no black smoke after burning.

Usage: The usage is the same as candles, but there are some tips for you.
1. The better to takes more than an hour to burn on the first time.
2. And the wick always needs to be kept between 0.5 and 0.8 mm, etc.
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