What is the difference between different kinds of home fragrance?

What is the difference between different kinds of home fragrance? Like candles, reed diffusers, aromatherapy machine, aroma lamp diffuser, fragrance sachet etc.?

First of all, we need to know what kind of fragrances there are, and how these fragrances work or are used when talk about the difference of fragrance.If we understand these, then the differences will be clear.

Colors please the eyes, music please the ears, taste please the tongue, and fragrance please the nose.

The smell relate to human senses can't be seen or touched. The burning vanilla was regarded as the medium to communicate with the gods on thousands of years ago.Nowadays, aromatherapy has become a necessity of people's quality life, no matter at home, hotel or airport you can smell the aromatherapy everywhere. The most commonly used candles, reed diffusers, aromatherapy machine, aroma lamp diffuser, fragrance sachet etc.What are the characteristics of these kinds of Aromatherapy? What's the difference?

1. Aromatherapy candle:

Aromatherapy candle is a milestone invention for candle.  It gives the reason for the candle to keep glowing in the modern , and it is very popular by people.

Summary: aromatherapy candles are added the fragrance to the hot wax, and then cooled. They can be directly ignited and used to make the room full of fragrance, which can also increase interest and create a romantic atmosphere.


Eyun  candle instruction:
1.The pure natural plant essential oil was added in the aromatherapy candle also has the functions of calming, refreshing and calming emotions.Eyun brands of candle can release fragrance even without burning.

2.Eyun brand candles are nice and can be used as decorations for home.


2. Reed diffuser:

Rattan aromatherapy was called by some people as no fire aromatherapy, is the good news of lazy people.

Summary: Reed diffuser was inserts rattan or other fiber rod that with good volatilization characteristics into the fragrance bottle containing fragrance liquid, allowing it to volatilize fragrance freely and continuously. It is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and so on. It has high beauty value and can also be used as decoration.

Eyun   reed diffusers  instruction:

It is similar to aromatic volatiles. The volatile liquid is made by blending the flavoring into the chemical solvent. The essence of aromatherapy stone and reed diffuser is the volatilization of aromatherapy liquid into the air through the media.
*The difference lies in the different media. Rattan aromatherapy is volatilized by reed pole or other materials with better absorption, and aromatherapy stone is volatilized by gypsum, volcanic stone, amber, etc.


3. Aroma diffuser:

The aroma diffuser needs to be equipped with power supply. Compared with traditional aromatherapy, this kind of aromatherapy may be more emphasis on humidification, purification and other functions.

Summary: the aromatherapy machine causes the resonance of the atomizing head through the ultrasonic oscillator, and decomposes the liquid mixed with essential oil into nano level cold fog to distribute in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of humidification, aromatherapy and purification.

Eyun  aroma diffusers  instruction
The aroma diffusers can atomize water and pure essential oil or humidifier fragrance oil in various ways to maintain a high humidity in the room, generate a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions, purify the air, and achieve the effect of aromatherapy at the same time. It can assist in the treatment and alleviation of influenza, hypertension, tracheitis and other diseases, and play a certain role in protecting the nervous system, cardiovascular system and human metabolism. (but it is very important the humidfier fragrance oil or  essential oil you buy is pure natural plant essential oil.)

*The aroma diffuser  is similar to the aroma lamp diffuser is . The aroma diffuser is need to add water and essential oil to the tank, generate heat through the lighted candle, and accelerate the evaporation of the aromatherapy essential oil to the air in case of heat, so that can faromatherapy.

Different kinds of aromatherapy are mainly used in different ways. If you like simple and convenient suggestions, you can use aromatherapy candles and rattan aromatherapy. It will save you the trouble of adding and purchasing matching products. You need more additional functions, such as humidification. You can choose an humidifier aroma diffuser. Different people can choose the appropriate way of aromatherapy according to their living habits.




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