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essential oil home diffuser ultrasonic misting humidifier
essential oil diffuser ultrasonic misting humidifier
Humidifier FEA-J80 02
Humidifier FEA-J80 03
Humidifier FEA-J80 04
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bamboo aromatherapy diffuser

Humidifier FEA-J80

Real bamboo aromatherapy essential oil home diffuser ultrasonic misting humidifier.

Product Specification:

Item: Humidifier
Item No.: FEA-J80
Voltage: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
Water Capacity: 100ml
CTN: 24PCS/box
Carton Box: 45.5*45*43.5cm
Total G.W: 10kg
Package: 14.5*11*20.5cm
Material: ABS+PP+Bamboo
EXW Price: USD12.76/PC

Mobile:+86 15915785742


bamboo aromatherapy essential oil diffuser

Product Description:

Ultrasonic aromatherapy water humidifiers, bamboo aromatherapy diffuser.


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